Profiteering was never so adorable!

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Haiti's Prayer Bear come with A prayer inside this adorable Bear! L$30

Here is my prayer:

“Oh Baby Jesus, we pray for all the people of Haiti. Please help them in their time of need. But please also help this misguided soul attempting to profit from their pain by slapping “prayers for Haiti” on a stupid bear and selling it. We know she’s probably just as clueless today as she was in 2005 when she bought that Aladdin T-shirt. I’m sure she didn’t know it was made by women working 12-16 hour shifts 7 days a week for 28 cents an hour in a Disney run sweatshop. We know even if she did she probably didn’t have given a shit like most other people. We can only hope and pray she now realizes how she too is also exploiting these poor people and has an epiphany of Christlike compassion. We hope she takes any L$ she makes from these bears and gives it TIMES ONE HUNDRED to a charity that is working to help these people rather than profit from them and atones for her sins. Amen. “

“P.S. When Pat Robertson dies, please smack him for me. Thank you. “




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Jesus Holy Crucifix A homage to Jesus Christ. L$100

Good. Out of the door. Line on the left. One cross each…

NEXT! Crucifixion?…

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Don’t blame me when ex-cons start showing up with eating disorders

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Nothing says prison these days than the return of traditional Blank and White Stripes. This one is adapted from that used by the most dangerous inmates at the Terminal Island Correctional Facility. L$195

It is this sort of advertising that leads to a distorted body image in convicted fellons. How are rapists and murders supposed to feel good about themsleves when this is how they think society believes they should look? Being someone’s bitch is hard enough without always having that aching feeling in your heart your cellmate wishes you looked like a supermodel.


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I see London, I see France…

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A pose based on the cover of the album "Paris" perfect for photography. The pose ball has a show/hide function. L$50

Paris wasn’t always the best at picking poses suited for photography. I mean, I can think of a few freebie beds that have poses that fit her too. Now if Paris herself had a show/hide function *THAT* would be something I would pay $50 for.


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He held aloft Playboy Dec ’07, signifying by devine right he was a loser

January 27, 2010 1 comment

HUNG a cool prims body jacket wrive some games and playboy magesin in the back a ipod player wrive headfoon on the jacket it self so great cuffs jeans to macht it al up this outfit cointains lot of goodys so dont miss it mister hUNG L$400

I always thought these jackets were a bit on the goofy side, but this one takes the cake. WTF is with that pocket in the back? How the hell are you supposed to reach back there and get anything? On top of that it has a buckle?!? I do admit it gives you a handy dandy place to withdraw your rolled up tube-o-porn like a magic sword of dorkness that proclaims… “I AM the KING of the LOSERS.”


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Anata wa baka gaijin desu ne?

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Flowery Kimono(child) L$35

If that’s a kimono I crap chocolate cupcakes.


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What? No cupholders?

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THEODORA Neural Core Brain Implant and Reprogramming Chair L$200

I mean, who does a gynoid have to sleep with to get a few creature comforts? A pillow would be nice too you know. They DO have a few soft and fleshy parts here and there… especially there.


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