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Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Tartar Sauce!

December 23, 2009 Leave a comment

migizi's UltraRare Pirate Fishing ship L$20

Arrrgghhh!!! Set that jib an get ye downriggers! We be plundering us some fishies or my name ain’t Halibut Jack… meanest, most scurviest pirate-fisherman that ever cast a pole! ARRRGHHHH!!!


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Where are the lolcats when you need them?

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Animated Christmas pictures L$40

Iz in ur shooz, poopn ur preznts.


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That’s like saying “genuine vinyl”

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Gorean Market stall... an authentic based gorean or medieval market stall complete with display stand with canvas cover and all for only two prims. L$500

Authentic based? WTF is that? Either it’s authentic or it’s based-on. It can’t be both. If it is authentic I’d like to know what historical archive you went to in order to find ‘authentic gorean’ anything, since it’s a made up world. It sure as hell can’t be authentic medieval because you’re missing the support poles for the front of the roof there Sparky.


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Classic FAIL!

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Electric Goat - Classic Leather Couch L$75

Either that’s a very tall couch or it’s made for people with really narrow asses.


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Ludicrous Couch! Go!

December 19, 2009 Leave a comment


They’ve passed Ridiculous Couch and gone straight into PLAID! (Spaceballs reference)


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What are you? 12?

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

he Grim Rider has 6 gears, the last being fast. It is copyable and transferable, but no modify. If you wish custom colors, please contact me or if there are any problems. This is a great car for the little person, who like a special car. L$400

I stopped thinking cars made out of coffins were cool about the time puberty hit and I realized what a shitty TV show ‘The Munsters’ really was. And thanks for telling me the top gear is the fastest. That’s good to know. *rolls eyes*


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Symbols for the symbol-minded

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Beautiful black shirt with ying yang print an 3/4 sleeves and sculpted collar. L$100

It’s called ‘yin-yang (with one ‘g’). ‘Ying-yang’ is what your model must keep his comb up because his hair looks like shit.


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