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WTF is wrong with people!?!?

wear this full back tatt to get everyone around you super horny. see how this lil cock hungry slut squeals with delight as she is double stuffed full of fat cock. L$109

OMFG! What planet do you live on where you think a tattoo of an underage girl on your back is good for making people ‘horny’?!?! Who exactly are you trying to make horny?!? This item isn’t adult… It’s ILLEGAL in many countries and is a violation of the Community Standards not to mention common decency!

Before anyone even thinks of checking I am NOT linking back to this item and it HAS been reported. I debated if I even wanted to put this on my site because of the imagery. But then I thought instead I’d black out the illegal sex parts (which are NOT blocked in the original listing), post date this a couple of weeks so LL would have the chance to do something about it, and then (in case they don’t) let everyone know that STILTE RHODE IS A SICK PERVERT AND NEEDS TO HAVE HIS  FECKING ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY BANNED FOR THIS CRAP! PLEASE CHECK HIS STORE IN WORLD AND IF THIS THING IS STILL THERE PLEASE ABUSE REPORT IT! (you can find his store in his profile)

NEXT! (before I throw up)

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