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Profiteering was never so adorable!

Haiti's Prayer Bear come with A prayer inside this adorable Bear! L$30

Here is my prayer:

“Oh Baby Jesus, we pray for all the people of Haiti. Please help them in their time of need. But please also help this misguided soul attempting to profit from their pain by slapping “prayers for Haiti” on a stupid bear and selling it. We know she’s probably just as clueless today as she was in 2005 when she bought that Aladdin T-shirt. I’m sure she didn’t know it was made by women working 12-16 hour shifts 7 days a week for 28 cents an hour in a Disney run sweatshop. We know even if she did she probably didn’t have given a shit like most other people. We can only hope and pray she now realizes how she too is also exploiting these poor people and has an epiphany of Christlike compassion. We hope she takes any L$ she makes from these bears and gives it TIMES ONE HUNDRED to a charity that is working to help these people rather than profit from them and atones for her sins. Amen. “

“P.S. When Pat Robertson dies, please smack him for me. Thank you. “


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