About NextStreet

Welcome to NextStreet!

What is NextStreet? Hmmm, how can I explain it? You know that feeling you get when you click on something on XStreet and all you can do is avert your eyes until it goes away? It is sort of like that but every now and then you come across something so ridiculous or hideous or WTF that you have to tell your friends. That’s what NextStreet is. I see. I laugh. I post. Then I shout, “NEXT!

Disclaimer: I do not know the creators of these products nor have I talked to them beforehand. Nobody gave me anything and I sure as hell didn’t BUY any of this stuff.  I do include the XStreet listing page url (just click on the image) in case someone out there actually does want the thing or doesn’t believe it’s real. The only exception is if I think something is so lacking of any and all redeeming value I don’t even want to risk directing traffic to it.*

If you find something you think would be fitting I will take ‘nomimees’ for inclusion on this blog. Just email the XStreet url to nextstreeter@gmail.com

*Any items that are a violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or Comminuty Standards will NOT have the link to the XStreet listing embeded in the product image.

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