Scripting FAIL

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Visit webpage page on click v1.0 L$10

You mean this script?

//Emmas Seetan
//21 September 17:06
string text = "Visit the Second Life Wiki!"; //Floating text
string url = ""; //must include 'http://'
    touch_start(integer num_detected)
        llLoadURL(llDetectedKey(0), text, url); //Loads the URL

…which can be found in the scripting wiki here:

If you want to ad the hovertext option he talks about add this bit between default and touch_start:

         llSetText(text, <0.0, 1.0, 0.0>, 1.0); // Display text in green

Of course, if the perms he advertises are correct you won’t be able to do ANY of this with his script because it is no transfer, which means you can’t edit it.


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Small world, ain’t it?

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Baggies L$20

My #1 use for baggies is for a place to put dog poop. I see I’m not alone in that custom.


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I can’t argue with that

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RezzBox Very easy to use (for dummies 🙂 L$49

For dummies is right. Here’s the problem. These things are advertised claiming you can rez objects with it only counting as one prim. That’s true, but the LAG from constantly rezzing hundreds of temp prims (since that is how they do it) slows the entire server and kills performance for everyone, including you. People who use these are the same oblivious asshats who try to take a full cart full of groceries through the 12 items or less / cash only lane and then want to pay with a check.


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Veal spaz dammit!

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S+S Gothika Chair dieser stuhl hat eine sitzanimation mit beinhaltet , dieses ist ein cyber goth chair mal was anderes viel spass damit bei fragen und anregungen meldet euch einfach bei mir . viel spass damit ;O)= L$120

Maybe it looks better if you are German too.


OMG that’s so original!

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This is a Really nice Skull Head TIPJAR. L$20

Is there anything that someone won’t add a tipjar script to? It’s like stoners who will make a bong out of anything. WooHOO!!! Look! I made a tipjar out of a freebie car. Now I can drive around and people can pay me tips for being so creative and original!


I suppose it does give a convenient place to tie your mooring line

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Gorean Ship Vehicle L$1200

I’m told that by Gorean law all ships must have a prick (not including the captain). And just for future reference, just because the tip looks like it is made of gold it doesn’t mean it should cost more. I’d be willing to bet L$1200 the script is a freebie.


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Ju have some ‘splaining to do!

January 17, 2010 Leave a comment

pedobear - L$20 - not sure how to explain what it does, better see him in action in this video

I think I know what it does. Apparently it makes you record really crappy machinima and upload it to YouTube.


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